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iT’$ TRue De$iGN: FeaTuReD PRoDuCT$ _ $HoP oN PaGe (5). TRueLY GRaPHi$TiCaTeD!

PRe$$ THe (3) LiNe$ oN uPPeR LeFT To NaViGaTe [PHoNe$]

  • RE:  ALL ‘COOL CLIP$ / ViDeo$ iN ($HoP) -  PRe$$ oN iCoN  (LoWeRiGHT CoRNeR) To ENLARGE ANY   ViDeo To iT’$ TO MAXIMUM VIEWING $iZe,  
  •  iT’$  $ooo iMPoRTaNT!
  • * YoU CaN’T Be GReaT WoRRYiNG aBouTWHaT oTHeR PeoPLe THiNK!

TRea$uRe aLL De$iGN aRTi$T$eeK To CReaTe

U WiLL aGRee THi$ CLiP HiT$ THe MaRK!

‘’GeTRiBaL /wJeFF BeCK. CReaTiVe aRTWoRK/PHoTo$/ViDeo$ (5p)

  • FiR$T LeaRN, THeN ReMoVe THe “L”. 
  • Be $o THeY WANTo WoRK ’WiTH’ YoU!’ 

$HuT uP & JuMP! ‘iT’$ TRue De$iGN’ PuRCHa$e & DeLiGHT!

  •  THi$ CLiP GiVe$ U a LiFeLiKe -RUSH!     
  •  i  DoVe  FRoM ‘BLue $KY RaNCH’ ,  uP$TaTe N.Y.
  •  I  iNTeNTioNaLLY ReaCHeD ‘TeRMiNaL-VeLoCiTY’ 
  • (CLo$e To 200+MPH.).  U DoN’T eVeN FeeL YouR$eLF FaLLiNG, 
  • Ju$T a Ru$H,  NoTHiNG LiKe iT!


  •  oK, 1Ne MoRe HiT & i’M OuT oF HeRe! ... 
  • (HaLLuCiNaRTiNG‘$ MY eDGe!)

QuaLiTY i$ ReMeMBeReD LoNG aFTeR PRiCe i$ FoRGoTTeN. _ GRaPHiC$LaYMe!

GRaPHiCeLeRaTiON #968. CReaTiVe iMaGeRY. (5) CaTaGoRie$ MiN.

THaT’s a 3-De$iGNeD MoToRCYCLe CLiP!

GLa$$TeeL & RePHLeCTioN$: CaTaGoRie$: ViDeo$/MoToRCYCLE$

HaVe U eVeR $eeN MY FaV.BLDG? YeaH,THe BLooMBeRG

BLDG, BeTW.LeX & 3rd oN 58TH. i’Ve MoRPHeD 

THe RePHLeCTioN$, THe $TeeLaDDeR,  THe CuRVeD GLa$$!    TaKe a LooK! 

“PeaCHe$ eN ReGaLia” By FRaNK ZaPPa #2067 iMaGiNaTiVe (5)

 i Wa$ aT THi$ CoNCeRT aTHe ‘FiLMoRea$T’

NoT oNLY Wa$ i $MoKiNG oN MY CHaMBeR PiPe, (Ha$Hi$H)TRiPPiNG oN MR NaTuRaL BLoTTeR L$D 

& GRiNNiNG  eaR-To-eaR iN CoLoR!

LeaVe$Tree$TiCK$ToNe$TReaM$&NaTuReiN uP$TaTeNYFoRe$T$!

i HaNDPLaCeD eaCH & eVeRY LeaF, $TiCK & $ToNe  (LOL)

GuiDiNG YouR Vi$ioN To HeaVeN. #990

uNMaTCHaBLe Vi$ioN$ oFoRe$T$, TRee$, $uN$eT$.

&  a FaRouT ‘TRaFFiC TuNe’ 

BeHiND iT aLL!    WaTCH & iMaGiNe .                  



iF U aRe iN THe NoW, U aRe ‘CReaTiVe & iNVeNTiVe!!!’

“PaTTeRN = LiMiT$” THRoW aWaY aLL iDeaL$, PaTTeRN$, & $TYLe$ & THRoW aWaY aNY CoNCePT$ aBouT WHaT i$ iDeaL, CaN U LooK aT a $iTuaTioN WiTHouT NaMiNG iT? NaMiNG iT Cau$e$ FeaR! aNTiCiPaTiNG THe ouTCoMe oF aN eNGaGeMeNT i$ a BiG Mi$TaKe. PReFoRMaTioN$ LaCK THe FLeXiBiLiTY To aDaPT, a MiND THaT Ha$ NoNe LeT$ U FLoW Cea$eLe$$Y & iGNoRe$ ouR Di$TiNCTioN$ & LiMiTaTioN$. CLa$$iCaL FoRM$ DuLL YouR CReaTiViTY, CoNDiTioN & FReeZe YouR $eN$e oF iNTeRe$T!’